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To maintain a school of excellence and become students of integrity, it is important that BIS students develop self-control and self-discipline. Through loving discipleship BIS students will be held accountable for the following responsibilities.

Student Conduct Guidelines

I am responsible for:

  1. Being ready to start at the beginning of class.
  2. Showing courtesy during class discussions by treating teachers and other students with respect.
  3. Trying my best to pay attention and give full effort in every task.
  4. Following all school rules to the best of my ability.
  5. My conduct. By my conduct I show respect for teachers, my fellow students, and myself.

General Guidelines While at School

In addition, students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Walk in hallways and staircases; do not run.
  2. Respect other students, including their personal property.
  3. Respect school property.
  4. Keep items inside your locker; do not place anything on top of the lockers.
  5. Clean up after yourself in the canteen, hallway, and classroom.
  6. Stay off balcony ledges.
  7. Middle and high school students are to stay off elementary playground equipment.

Being Late to Class

Students are to be in class and prepared when the bell rings.

Being Prepared for Class

Students must be prepared for class by bringing required materials (textbooks, pens, pencils, paper, etc.) with them to each class period. A student should learn to be responsible for his or her own items and not consistently use a friend’s at the friend’s expense. If a student is unprepared or borrows materials from a friend, it may result in note home to the parent or a loss of break time. This policy applies to electives as well as study hall.

Appropriate Use of Language

BIS will not permit the use of profanity and inappropriate language on campus. While there are cultural differences in what is considered ‘cursing’, BIS staff will be reminding students that inappropriate and disrespectful language, in English or any other language, will not be tolerated. We ask that parents/guardians remind their children about the importance of using appropriate language at school.

Playground Rules

The playground is for lower elementary students only (grades ELC through 2nd grade). Any upper elementary (grades 3 through 5) or secondary students (grades 6 through 12) shall be issued a detention for using the playground. The BIS Garden is a designated area for students grades 3-12 to participate in recreation activities during their break/recess along with the sport courts (exclude main soccer field).

Elementary school students are expected to adhere to the following playground rules.

  1. No student is allowed on the playground at any time without BIS staff supervision.
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed.
  3. Real or play fighting is not permitted.
  4. Students should help keep the playground neat and clean.
  5. The student must first get the teacher’s permission before leaving the playground area to retrieve a ball or other object.
  6. Students are not to climb or play on fences or walls.
  7. No jumping off any equipment.
  8. Students must wait their turns at all times; no cutting in line.
  9. Tackle sports or play is not permitted.
  10. Students must line up immediately when the teacher blows the whistle or calls for the line-up.

Court and Field Rules

All students are expected to adhere to the following rules.

  1. No dunking of balls.
  2. On the court- no kicking of balls or kicking games (including soccer) unless verbal permission is given by a monitoring teacher.
  3. Return all balls to the designated teacher or area.
  4. In the event of thunder or lightning, all students must get off the soccer field and basketball courts per administrative directives.
  5. Treat equipment respectfully.
  6. Students must be supervised at all times by an BIS staff member if they are using the courts, or fields.

Public Display of Affection (PDA)

BIS believes that proper, God-glorifying relationships between young men and women should be encouraged. While we recognize that our Biblical standards may be outside what modern society encourages and promotes, we will continue to promote high standards of moral and ethical conduct. We encourage BIS to be a place where students can be loved and appreciated with a sense of family. At the same time, the school will not permit students to participate in PDA or "prolonged contact" of any kind whatsoever. This includes placing arms around the person, holding hands, or playing with hair or placing hands anywhere on another individual while at school or any school activity on or off campus. Inappropriate displays of affection between students of BIS are not permitted on school grounds or off campus school related functions. The school will determine at any point what is deemed as inappropriate.

Sexual Purity Policies

BIS is a school for children and teens, not adults. Students who engage in sexual activity take on the roles of adulthood, enjoying privileges reserved for married adults and exposing themselves to the many adult responsibilities/potential consequences that are inherent in such activity. BIS has a duty to protect the moral environment of our community and to ensure the health and welfare of all our students. Due to this, BIS expects sexual purity from all of its students, and the administration reserves the right to suspend from the school any students discovered to be willfully and/or continually sexually active. However, if a student is struggling in this area and in need of help / counseling, or has been the victim of any kind of sexual abuse, he/she may seek the assistance / advice of a teacher of the same gender or of our counselor, who stand ready to help.

The school reserves the right to appropriately discipline any student involved with viewing or distributing content of a sexual inappropriate nature on campus or sharing such content from one BIS student to another student at any time. Because BIS’s highest priority is the safety of the students it serves, BIS will take necessary steps to ensure students’ psychological well-being.

Use of English on Campus

Parents who send their children to BIS often do so with the express purpose of assuring that their children learn proper spoken and written English, also known as “the common language of BIS”. All instruction at BIS is done in English (exclude Portuguese language classes). All documents, signage, and forms are done in English. Research studies have shown that an effective way for students to acquire a foreign language is through immersion. Students who speak a language other than English on campus at any time will be assigned an appropriate consequence depending upon their age. For those students who continue to violate the school’s “English only” policy, other means of discipline may be used. Of course, our staff understands that language development can take time and therefore committed to encouraging our students, celebrating their accomplishments in the English language, and showing them the love of Christ in our daily interactions with them.

Fan Behavior at Special Events

Although BIS realizes that adults (parents/guardians) are not bound by the same code of conduct as their children enrolled at BIS, it should be noted that all persons attending BIS-sponsored events (social events, athletic events, etc.) are expected to abide by all BIS policies pertaining to appropriate behavior.

Any persons who exhibit inappropriate, rude, unsportsmanlike and/or unchristian behavior may be requested to leave such events at the discretion of the coach or director in charge of the event and/or any administrator in attendance. All parents and students should refrain from talking or interacting with the coach or players during practices, games, time-outs, halftime and/or coaching from the sidelines.


Normally, the classroom teacher will use their classroom management procedures when a student misbehaves. However, some students may continually make poor choices about their behavior. In that situation other consequences or interventions outside of the normal classroom management procedures will take place involving the student, the school director, the classroom teacher, and the student’s parents. This discipline is not to embarrass or humiliate the student but to help the student learn to make better choices in his/her behavior. Following are some additional forms of discipline that may be used with students:


Students may be given break or after school detention for policy or academic infractions. During the detention students are not allowed to talk or play games. Students may be given academic related work to do during this time. The parent will be notified if a student is placed in detention.

Detentions will be held in designated classroom or office area with a supervising teacher or member of the administration. Students who misbehave in detention will be given another detention to serve. If a detention is missed or the student is tardy, the principal will decide what additional consequences will be incurred.

In-School Suspension

An in-school suspension may be given to students who are not able to conduct themselves appropriately in class or to students who should be suspended but do not have appropriate supervision at home. These students will continue to do their schoolwork, but will not participate with their class. This will typically last for one day and parents will be notified. Any work missed or not completed, as designated by the teacher, may reflect in lower grades or potentially a zero (0). The Head of School, Principal, Team Leader, or FLT members have the authority to approve and/or issue an in-school suspension for a student(s).

Out of School Suspension

An out of school suspension will be issued for those students who have received a one to three-day in-school suspension. However, the School Director or Academic Principal has full discretion to implement an immediate out of school suspension at any point for an infraction that includes but not limited to violations in which the student has intentionally or attempted to injure another student, destroy school property, steal school property, threaten a student or teacher, continually disregard school policies, or show blatant disrespect for school authority. An out of school suspension will be issued for (3) school days following the in-school suspension. Students who are suspended from school will receive a zero (0) for all work that was required during their suspension. Suspensions will be counted as unexcused absences. The parent and student collectively will be required to setup a meeting with the School Director before the child will be considered for the privilege to return to school.


The school generally follows its discipline procedures contained herein. However, there are circumstances in which the school administration and/or board may determine, in their sole discretion, that it is appropriate not to follow progressive discipline steps. In cases in which a student has engaged in egregious, immoral, or other unacceptable behavior, the school reserves the right to suspend or expel pending a formal investigation the student immediately. Permanent expulsion/dismissal from BIS may occur for behavior outside of school if it is of a nature that exhibits extremely poor conduct.

Expulsion will be decided by the BIS Local Board in consultation with FLT members and legal counsel. BIS will adhere to the local board decision while in collaborative dialogue with NICS. BIS will acknowledge local legalities as pertains to a student expulsion. BIS is not required to re-enroll a student(s) based on certain variables within the parameters of local law and related regulations. If a student is dismissed from BIS for any reason, any refund of fees will be made using the same policy as for withdrawing students. Students dismissed during the semester are liable for full payment of all tuition fees with no refund of any fees for any portion of a semester. By signing or electronically submitting the online Enrollment Application Form, the parent/guardian is assuring cooperation in the matter of discipline. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher and/or the Head of School/Principal regarding any questions about the discipline of their child.

Conduct Outside of School

Because students are the best representatives of what BIS is like, we ask that students act in a way that would promote a positive image of the school and the student body. BIS desires to train students who will positively influence the world around them.

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