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School Dress Code for 2017-2018

The following are guidelines as pertains to the BIS student dress code and uniform policy. As discussed at our year-ending parent meeting, families must now purchase ALL uniform-related items from the uniform store except shoes and socks. This includes jackets, hooded sweatshirts, sweaters, or other related items. Also, the previous school uniform items will not be permitted for the student to wear given last year was a full transition year. Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring students adhere to our desire to unify our current uniform and related accessories.

Hair: The following guidelines are in place for students as relates to their hair and general appearance at school to include any related school events that may take place off campus. Hair must be groomed, clean, and not cover eyes. Male students may NOT dye or highlight their hair. Female students may use acceptable hair colors, including highlighting, such as black, brown, blonde, and natural red. The administration reserves the final determination of acceptable and non-distracting coloring. Excessive hairstyles, as determined by the administration, are not permitted.

Makeup & Cosmetics: The following guidelines are in place for students as relates to makeup and cosmetics at school to include any related school events that may take place off campus. The administration will determine what is compliant or a violation of the stated policies.

Elementary Students (ELC 3 through 5th Grade): Students may NOT dye or color their hair or wear makeup. Girls may wear clear lip gloss (no lipstick) and nail polish that does not prove distracting. Boys may NOT wear makeup or nail polish.

Secondary Students (6th through 12th Grade): Female students may wear makeup in moderation, in a manner that gives a more natural appearance. Male students may NOT wear makeup or nail polish. Students may NOT wear “goth” makeup, loud/dark eyeshadow or lipstick, face paint, or sparkles.

Jewelry and Accessories: The following guidelines are in place for students in regards to any jewelry or accessories that may or may not be worn by students to school. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings should not be excessively large, distracting, or noisy. No jewelry may have inappropriate images or representation. The school is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items worn to school by students. Male students may NOT wear earrings of any kind. Ear gauges are NOT permitted. No visible body piercings are permitted. No visible tattoos, temporary, or permanent are permitted. No scarves, armbands, or headbands (unless to restrain hair for girls). No pin-on buttons or stickers (unless issued by teachers) of any kind may be worn at school.

Uniforms: All students are to wear the school uniform unless the school administrator has granted special permission. Please note that uniforms are not optional and should not be worn as undergarments. Students may wear any combination of the school uniform as available from the authorized school uniform store. Other accessories from the uniform store are allowed along with the uniform, such as sweaters, jackets, and vests for specific age groups.

NOTE: Students are NOT permitted to wear any clothing to school UNLESS it is an authorized purchase at the designated uniform store (excluding footwear- see footwear section of the handbook). This includes jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, or other related items as deemed by the administration.

Any special BIS issued t-shirt (i.e. School Spirit, Reading Month, Sports Jerseys) may be worn with a school uniform bottom on Friday but should not be worn during the rest of the week. Uniforms are to be neat, clean and in good condition. Information regarding where to purchase school uniforms may be obtained from the BIS office or the BIS website. Students are allowed to be out of uniform on their birthday but still must wear modest items within the dress code. Students should refrain from wearing hats UNLESS they are authorized at the uniform store. Authorized hats may be worn for outdoor activities such as PE and recess but NOT inside the building or hallways. All students in grades 6-12 must purchase at least 1 polo shirt for use when visiting college fairs, field trips, school pictures, or other important school functions.

Footwear: The following guidelines are in place for students to ensure proper and safe footwear while at school or participating in school events. Shoes must have enclosed toes and heel. No Crocs, sandals, moccasins, high heels, house shoes/slippers, or flip-flops (i.e. Havaianas). Socks must be worn with shoes. No shoes with wheels, sounds, or lights. Students unable to tie their shoes with laces must wear Velcro strap shoes or slip-on shoes.

Dress Code Discipline Policy

The following policy will be in effect for violations of dress code or improper uniform attire:

1st violation: Warning

2nd violation: Parents called to bring proper uniform

3rd violation: Student sent home for the rest of the day

4th violation: Parent & student meeting with the Principal or Head of School

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